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Cabinet designs
  • The secret of making the cabinet more beautiful and practical is absolutely not to be missed!
    The secret of making the cabinet more beautiful and practical is absolutely not to be missed!
    With the change of life style, the kitchen, as the place that can best reflect the flavor of home life, has long been more than a place for cooking. It is the core place of a home and an indispensable part of home life! The most important thing in the kitchen is the beautiful and practical cabinets. Today, BALOM will say something about the cabinet design of the kitchen! 01. Cabinet design should have both exposure and concealment In order to make the kitchen look clean and tidy as a whole, many families will consider closed cabinets when designing cabinets. Although the fully enclosed type solves the problem of "nothing on the table", the utensils such as the oven, microwave oven or cooking utensils that can be easily used are placed in the cabinet, and the cabinet door must be opened every time, which will be very chicken ribs in daily life. Therefore, it is suggested that the cabinet design should be exposed and hidden. If it is left blank, it can be either below or left or right, so that the whole cabinet can add some changes. Of course, practicality and moving line should also be considered. Compared with heavy household appliances, it is recommended to design the empty position at the low position as far as possible. 02. Extend the hanging cabinet to the table Compared with the traditional hanging, the hanging cabinet is directly extended to the table, which is equivalent to the lengthened hanging cabinet. This design can make full use of the space originally at the corner and store more than twice! This kind of design uses most is to put the home appliance on the corner of the table and the wall, and then make a cabinet connected with the table, so that the whole will be much more tidy. In addition, if there is a storage cabinet on the table, you can reach out and operate it without tiptoe. 03. Add special electrical cabinet to the cabinet With the improvement of the quality of life, there are more and more electrical appliances in modern families, such as microwave ovens, fryers, meat grinder and so on. For small families, the storage of these electrical appliances is easy to cause pressure on the kitchen, so it is necessary to add special electrical cabinets in the cabinet design. In addition to alleviating the storage pressure in the kitchen, it can also reduce the risk caused by the accumulation of various electrical appliances and the winding of wires. 04. Add the design of empty ground cabinet The hanging cabinet is left empty or extended for the storage of electrical appliances, while the ground cabinet is designed to facilitate the storage and use of items. Generally speaking, it is set at the top of the ground cabinet for easy access, reducing the number of personnel bending over. Japanese families are the most common ones to leave the floor cabinet empty. The smaller the space, the more practical it is. Generally speaking, there are relatively small electrical appliances such as rice cookers, induction cooker, hot water kettle, e...
  • 5 small family cabinet design, beautiful and practical, worth collecting!
    5 small family cabinet design, beautiful and practical, worth collecting!
    Today, I would like to share with you five cabinet designs suitable for small houses, which are customized according to the actual space. They have a certain degree of aesthetics and practicality, and are worth collecting. The cupboard that white and wood color match can give a person a kind of special and fresh feeling, and the handle of the cupboard door is hidden, it looks more atmospheric. In addition, the reasonable design zoning layout also reflects its practicality. It is really a beautiful and practical design. This kind of cabinet with microcrystalline panel is very popular now. A small family design such a cabinet is really good, easy to clean and beautiful. As long as the area is reasonably allocated, it will be very convenient to use. It is also good to design a cabinet with industrial style for a small house type. The paint baking process is done in light color. The upper cabinet is white and the lower cabinet is gray. Although it looks a little serious, it is also fashionable. This design is suitable for people who advocate simple life. It's also good to have a light and luxurious style for small family cabinets. The cabinet doors are shaped and equipped with slightly mixed color countertops, which are elegant, personalized, practical and beautiful. It's a good design. According to the actual space, an L-shaped cabinet is designed. The door panel is shaped, and the fresh color and golden handle are matched. It is a special match, but also beautiful; In the space opposite the cabinet, it is just right to put tables and chairs.
  • Small kitchen cabinet design scheme, each of which is very practical and beautiful
    Small kitchen cabinet design scheme, each of which is very practical and beautiful
    Today, I would like to share with you some very fashionable and classic kitchen decoration cases. Each case has its own characteristics, which is very beautiful and practical, and worth learning from. Like this case, the white cabinets are placed and installed in a U-shape, which makes the space very good, and can provide very good storage capacity, making the kitchen more tidy and generous. The kitchen wall adopts the high-grade gray style, and there are exquisite grain designs on it, which makes the kitchen more artistic and fashionable. The walls of the kitchen are decorated with light coffee colored tiles, which are well matched with the white cabinets, making them very delicate and fashionable. The white cabinets are placed and installed in an L-shape, together with a group of exquisite hanging cabinets, which can provide a very good storage capacity for the kitchen and make the kitchen look more tidy and generous. The kitchen has a very good lighting effect, which makes it very bright and spacious. The main body of the kitchen adopts a high-grade gray style. The exquisite kitchen is placed and installed on both sides of the wall, which makes the space very good to use, and can provide a very good storage capacity, making the kitchen more orderly. The open design of the kitchen is also very classic and fashionable. The kitchen wall is decorated with white tiles, matched with white cabinets and hanging cabinets, making it more bright and magnificent. The cabinet is placed and installed in L-shape, which makes good use of the kitchen space. The walls of the kitchen are decorated with light coffee colored ceramic tiles and matched with log colored cabinets, which are very fashionable and have a sense of texture. The cabinets are placed and installed in an L-shape, which makes the space very good to use. With a group of exquisite hanging cabinets, the items in the kitchen can be stored in different categories.
  • U-shaped customized cabinet design, the kitchen layout is practical and beautiful
    U-shaped customized cabinet design, the kitchen layout is practical and beautiful
    The cabinets with A-shaped, L-shaped and U-shaped layout are suitable for small and medium-sized households. The specific size of your kitchen depends on which one is suitable. Today, I will mainly share the U-shaped layout scheme. The U-shaped cabinet layout mainly depends on the overall space of the kitchen. If there is enough activity space for the cabinet at the left and right plus the middle position, you can choose the U-shaped layout. Some friends will ask: if I make a U-shaped cabinet, I would like to put the refrigerator in the kitchen, is there no floor. This is indeed the drawback of the u-cabinet, but if you want to put the refrigerator here, one side of the u-cabinet can be made shorter. After all, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to give up some to get some, because the space is so large. If your refrigerator is placed outside, you can customize a complete U-shaped cabinet. U-shaped cabinets are generally designed in a square kitchen. After all, enough cabinet space needs to be left on both sides, and the width of the kitchen must be appropriate. The U-shaped cabinets designed for the long kitchen can only leave a space for one person to pass through, which is enough for ordinary use. However, the operating line will be too long, depending on personal needs. Next, I would like to share with you the advantages of customizing the U-shaped layout of cabinets? First, from the dynamic line, the definition of a good cabinet is not only its own quality, but also the convenience of use, which makes cooking easier for chefs. This is also the main reason why they choose custom cabinets. It not only refers to the use of space, but also the quality and comfort of cabinets. With the U-shaped cabinet layout, the cook can wash, cut and stir fry vegetables only by standing at one point, and the moving position is very short. Some friends are worried that the smoke stove is too close to the Dragon basin. They are worried that the stove is stained with water, so they can also design the pros and cons. It is very convenient to turn around from washing vegetables to cutting vegetables to frying vegetables. There is still a short distance between the kitchen faucet basin and the smoke stove of the general design U-shaped cabinet, so there is no need to worry about the problem that the stove will be stained with water. The U-shaped cabinet covers a large area, so it is not suitable for the kitchen with too small space. Even if you can install it, it will either affect the moving line or the space becomes crowded. But for those who can pack, the storage space has increased a lot. In addition to the window position, there is no need to make a hanging cabinet in the hanging cabinet design. The other two sides can be made a hanging cabinet. Just note that the hanging cabinet for the range hood should leave a position to pack the range hood. The benefits have been shared by our family before. You can search and read. For those who hav...
  • Kitchen storage cabinet: can the cabinet be installed like this? Simply solve the storage problem!
    Kitchen storage cabinet: can the cabinet be installed like this? Simply solve the storage problem!
    The space of the kitchen is generally relatively small. At first, there may only be a table and a stove. Now, due to the growth of family living standards and demand, the functional requirements of the kitchen are higher. For the kitchen, in addition to cooking, storage is the most important. The kitchen space is small, and the storage focus is on the cabinet. So, the design of cabinets is very important, want to accomplish small space big effect as far as possible. Today, BALOM will show you how to design cabinets to make them easy to use. 1、 There should be dew in the cupboard In order to make the cabinets look clean and tidy, many families have designed fully enclosed cabinets. When things are put in, the doors of the cabinets look very simple once they are closed. But the drawback is that there may be no place for the oven and microwave oven. It is very troublesome to put it into the cabinet and take it out every time. If it is placed on the table, it will make the table that was not very spacious more crowded, and it will never be able to make the table "empty". Therefore, if there are ovens, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, it is best to design a cabinet with hidden dew. Some common electrical appliances can be placed on the exposed ones. They should be reserved according to the conventional size of the electrical appliances. It is best to just put them in, so that the overall aesthetics will not be affected. The open cabinet can also put some condiments, dishes and other handy things, which is more convenient to take than the closed cabinet. There are many design styles for leaving the cabinet blank, but the most important thing is to consider practicality. If it is to put spices and electrical appliances, it is best to design them in the lower row of the hanging cabinet. 2、 Hanging cabinet extends to the ground Some people will feel that these appliances such as microwave ovens are heavier on the wall cabinet, and they still tend to put them on the table. In addition to safety and stability, it is more convenient to use on the table. But a drawback that puts mesa to lie in electric wire to expose very unsightly, so, be inferior to the cabinets that designs an indomitable spirit. Design the position of the oven and microwave oven in the middle of the cabinet flush with the table, which will look much more tidy. If there is no extra space to make an indomitable cabinet, just extend the hanging cabinet to the countertop, and then put the oven on the countertop. 3、 Add special electrical cabinet There are more and more small electrical appliances in the kitchen. A special electrical appliance storage cabinet is very important. It can relieve the storage pressure of electrical appliances, and avoid the disordered kitchen caused by the disorderly placement of electrical appliances! 4、 Floor cabinet design If the space of the hanging cabinet is not enough, it can also be realized on the ground cabinet. The ground cabinet should b...
  • Practical cabinet storage design makes the cabinet clean and clear!
    Practical cabinet storage design makes the cabinet clean and clear!
    The key to the good use of cabinets lies in the good storage. The following BALOM has collected some super practical cabinet storage designs for you. You can learn from them after reading them, so that the cabinet storage is organized and the kitchen becomes clean and clear! A large-scale locker has a closet space. The interior uses partitions to reasonably divide the space. It can store a lot of snacks and dry goods. It can be used by a family when they go to the supermarket once a week. The movable drawer inside the cabinet is not only convenient for storing vegetables, but also convenient for disassembly and cleaning. The knives are stored in drawers. The knives are neatly arranged. The blades are hidden to protect the safety of the owner. All kinds of knives are stored together and it is very convenient to find them. The basket for storing seasoning bottles frees up the countertop space of the cabinet. A cabinet door is added at the corner between the hanging cabinet and the table, and the used small appliances are hidden inside. The big monster pulls the basket and makes good use of the partition to realize the storage and placement of a variety of items. Clean items should be stored. No small space should be wasted. People who like to cook can't help buying many kinds of pots. Is it very organized to put the pots in the cupboard like this? The bottom of the sink should also be used reasonably. Towel storage. The countertop of the small kitchen is not enough, so the extension board is designed to increase the use area of the countertop. The back of the cabinet door can also be used to store some small things.
  • Home cabinets are designed in this way, and the kitchen is doubled!
    Home cabinets are designed in this way, and the kitchen is doubled!
    For small family, the kitchen space is really limited. If you want to give better consideration to aesthetics and practicality, the design of cabinets becomes particularly important. Today, I would like to recommend several cabinet designs that are very suitable for small kitchens to help you easily expand the storage space in the kitchen. 1. Using flue to design high cabinet The kitchen usually has a flue. Basically, the practice is to wrap the flue with tiles and hang a net to avoid falling bricks. However, there is still some space left on the outside of the flue. Because it is relatively narrow, many people will not want to use it. But in fact, if the designer takes this into account when customizing the cabinet, and uses the flue to design the high cabinet, it can not only perfectly hide the flue, but also be used to store bottles and cans. The seasoning doesn't have to worry about being exposed. It's simply not too appropriate. 2. Five corner high cabinet is designed at corner position No matter what the layout of our kitchen is, there may be some corner positions in the decoration process. If these positions are well used, they can increase the storage space. If they are not well used, they will not only waste space, but also easily lead to health dead corners. According to the corner position, it is recommended to make a five corner high cabinet design to place large pots and match with the closed cabinet door, so that the cabinet will not be polluted by oil smoke and reduce the problem of sanitation and cleaning. 3. Replace cabinets with slats With the upgrading of consumption, more and more small household appliances appear in our kitchens, such as electric rice cookers, soybean milk machines, air fryers, etc. Although they are not large in size, they also occupy a lot of space. If they are not stored in a suitable place, they will make the table messy. It is suggested to install a strip board on the other side of the small kitchen to replace the cabinet, which can be used to place small kitchen appliances. It is spacious and not crowded, and can also save the kitchen countertop space. In addition, a small cart can be placed under the slat to hold some fragmentary items, which is also very flexible and convenient. In addition, I would like to remind you that although the paint baking and pet door panels look very atmospheric when designing the cabinet, they should be scrubbed frequently in the heavy oil contaminated area of the kitchen. These two types are not only not resistant to dirt, but also easy to be scratched. It is recommended to choose the double facing door panel, which is cheap, scratch resistant or scrubbed. 4. Store well in the kitchen In addition, if the kitchen wants to be clean and orderly, it should make full use of the wall, refrigerator side, windowsill and other spaces for storage. The wall can be designed with hole plates, ranging from pot covers and cutting boards to tea cups and spoons. It is a good choice for la...
  • Five precautions for kitchen cabinet design!
    Five precautions for kitchen cabinet design!
    As a place for our daily use, the kitchen should pay special attention to its practicality and safety. When designing the cabinet, it should not only match the owner's daily habits, but also be convenient and easy to clean. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the precautions of cabinet design with you! 1、 Reserved space We know that the kitchen can be said to be a place with the most sundries, all kinds of kitchenware and electrical appliances. For safety reasons, we must leave a certain space for electrical appliances and more places for power sockets. If it is close to the door, pay attention to the space for opening and closing the door and drawer. 2、 The distance from the pool, cooker and range hood to the wall Pools, stoves, range hoods, etc. should not be too close to the wall, which is easy to dirty and splash the wall. At the same time, avoid the pot hitting the wall. For the convenience of some families, the design of the stove is close to the door. The moment when the door is opened and closed, it is easy to drive the flames, which is dangerous to a certain extent 3、 Location of pool The location of the pool is very important. The pool should not be in a corner, which is inconvenient for washing vegetables. At the same time, it should also keep a certain distance from the stove. The pool should be horizontal with the countertop. Dishwashers can be placed under the countertop of the pool. Garbage cans can be placed on the ground. Picking vegetables and throwing garbage are very important. 4、 Design of hanging cabinet Although the hanging cabinet is beautiful, it should not be too much. It is not convenient to take it, and the height is not appropriate. It is easy to touch the head. The height of male and female owners must be considered in the design. 5、 Cupboard handle Many people like the outward pull handle to feel beautiful, but most of the kitchen space is relatively small. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to scratch and hurt people. Therefore, it is best to use the embedded or smooth handle, which is also convenient and beautiful.
  • Gives people different customized enjoyment. Seeing such customized design for the first time is extremely practical
    Gives people different customized enjoyment. Seeing such customized design for the first time is extremely practical
    The area of this house is 100 square meters. The custom-made porch cabinet in the porch space is very charming. Seeing such a custom design for the first time is extremely practical. The log material makes the whole space more warm, and the wood material is more durable and durable. It gives people different customized enjoyment. Generally, many people have a strong sense of modernity in customization, and the customized design of this house is mainly warm and practical. In fact, the porch cabinet entering the house is also a partition wall. Behind the porch cabinet is the living room. The porch cabinet has a large space and is decorated with a glass cabinet. The advantage of this is that a little light can be projected into the porch, and the whole cabinet will not be too monotonous. The floor tiles of the porch are retro tiles, which will not appear abrupt on the transition with the solid wood floor. Such a decorative collocation is just right. After passing the porch cabinet, the first sight is the restaurant. The space of the whole restaurant is very large. The solid wood dining table and chair are just right in the middle. Moreover, the dining chair has benches and back chairs, which can accommodate many people. The background wall of the restaurant is also designed with a storage cabinet. The other side is the kitchen. Turning around, you can see the living room. The living room is also spacious and comfortable. An L-shaped sofa and a back sofa are placed in the whole large space. Such a living room is extremely comfortable. Imagine how comfortable it is to lie on the sofa after work. The background wall of the sofa is also painted directly, and the decorative painting is used as the background decoration, which is more simple and beautiful. The hard and soft decoration of the whole living room are mainly simple style. Does the living room look more warm in this way? In addition, there are still a lot of people at home. Because it is a solid wood floor, it is also possible for people from the family to sit directly on the ground in summer, and carpets are directly paved in winter, because the mobile tables in the living room can be placed at will. Now many tea tables have been replaced with such mobile tables for convenience. Besides, the older generation will like tea tables, and young people now rarely use tea tables. Seeing the restaurant from the direction of the living room, such a restaurant is even more warm. Because the space of the restaurant is relatively spacious, coupled with the lighting decoration, the warm lights make the restaurant more beautiful and warm. It is really great to eat in such an atmosphere. The gatehouse around the restaurant is the bedroom and bathroom. From the back of the restaurant directly to the bedroom, the lighting of the bedroom space is very good, because they all face the south, and the interior decoration is extremely simple, but very warm. The kitchen at home is an open design, and the partition be...
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