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Gives people different customized enjoyment. Seeing such customized design for the first time is extremely practical Jul 01, 2022

The area of this house is 100 square meters. The custom-made porch cabinet in the porch space is very charming. Seeing such a custom design for the first time is extremely practical. The log material makes the whole space more warm, and the wood material is more durable and durable. It gives people different customized enjoyment. Generally, many people have a strong sense of modernity in customization, and the customized design of this house is mainly warm and practical.

In fact, the porch cabinet entering the house is also a partition wall. Behind the porch cabinet is the living room. The porch cabinet has a large space and is decorated with a glass cabinet. The advantage of this is that a little light can be projected into the porch, and the whole cabinet will not be too monotonous.

The floor tiles of the porch are retro tiles, which will not appear abrupt on the transition with the solid wood floor. Such a decorative collocation is just right.

After passing the porch cabinet, the first sight is the restaurant. The space of the whole restaurant is very large. The solid wood dining table and chair are just right in the middle. Moreover, the dining chair has benches and back chairs, which can accommodate many people. The background wall of the restaurant is also designed with a storage cabinet. The other side is the kitchen.

Turning around, you can see the living room. The living room is also spacious and comfortable. An L-shaped sofa and a back sofa are placed in the whole large space. Such a living room is extremely comfortable. Imagine how comfortable it is to lie on the sofa after work.

The background wall of the sofa is also painted directly, and the decorative painting is used as the background decoration, which is more simple and beautiful. The hard and soft decoration of the whole living room are mainly simple style.

Does the living room look more warm in this way? In addition, there are still a lot of people at home. Because it is a solid wood floor, it is also possible for people from the family to sit directly on the ground in summer, and carpets are directly paved in winter, because the mobile tables in the living room can be placed at will. Now many tea tables have been replaced with such mobile tables for convenience. Besides, the older generation will like tea tables, and young people now rarely use tea tables.

Seeing the restaurant from the direction of the living room, such a restaurant is even more warm. Because the space of the restaurant is relatively spacious, coupled with the lighting decoration, the warm lights make the restaurant more beautiful and warm. It is really great to eat in such an atmosphere. The gatehouse around the restaurant is the bedroom and bathroom.

From the back of the restaurant directly to the bedroom, the lighting of the bedroom space is very good, because they all face the south, and the interior decoration is extremely simple, but very warm.

The kitchen at home is an open design, and the partition between the kitchen and the dining room is a customized cabinet. The background is decorated with ceramic tiles. For the first time, this kind of ceramic tile color is the same as the background wall of the kitchen. It looks very holistic, with white and light blue matching. The open kitchen means that you can't cook the dishes with heavy lampblack. For modern people, the pursuit of a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle, a simple lifestyle is much more comfortable than the previous lampblack life, and you can't make the home feel gray because of the lampblack.

What do you think of the this new house decoration? In fact, the customized design of logs is not only more durable, but also durable, and will not be easy to go out of date, because the log design does not have a specific style, focusing on simplicity, giving people a comfortable and warm feeling.

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