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Five precautions for kitchen cabinet design! Jul 01, 2022

As a place for our daily use, the kitchen should pay special attention to its practicality and safety. When designing the cabinet, it should not only match the owner's daily habits, but also be convenient and easy to clean. Today, Xiaobian will take a look at the precautions of cabinet design with you!

1、 Reserved space

We know that the kitchen can be said to be a place with the most sundries, all kinds of kitchenware and electrical appliances. For safety reasons, we must leave a certain space for electrical appliances and more places for power sockets.

If it is close to the door, pay attention to the space for opening and closing the door and drawer.

2、 The distance from the pool, cooker and range hood to the wall

Pools, stoves, range hoods, etc. should not be too close to the wall, which is easy to dirty and splash the wall. At the same time, avoid the pot hitting the wall.

For the convenience of some families, the design of the stove is close to the door. The moment when the door is opened and closed, it is easy to drive the flames, which is dangerous to a certain extent

3、 Location of pool

The location of the pool is very important. The pool should not be in a corner, which is inconvenient for washing vegetables. At the same time, it should also keep a certain distance from the stove. The pool should be horizontal with the countertop. Dishwashers can be placed under the countertop of the pool. Garbage cans can be placed on the ground. Picking vegetables and throwing garbage are very important.

4、 Design of hanging cabinet

Although the hanging cabinet is beautiful, it should not be too much. It is not convenient to take it, and the height is not appropriate. It is easy to touch the head. The height of male and female owners must be considered in the design.

5、 Cupboard handle

Many people like the outward pull handle to feel beautiful, but most of the kitchen space is relatively small. If you don't pay attention, it is easy to scratch and hurt people. Therefore, it is best to use the embedded or smooth handle, which is also convenient and beautiful.

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