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Home cabinets are designed in this way, and the kitchen is doubled! Jul 01, 2022

For small family, the kitchen space is really limited. If you want to give better consideration to aesthetics and practicality, the design of cabinets becomes particularly important. Today, I would like to recommend several cabinet designs that are very suitable for small kitchens to help you easily expand the storage space in the kitchen.

1. Using flue to design high cabinet

The kitchen usually has a flue. Basically, the practice is to wrap the flue with tiles and hang a net to avoid falling bricks. However, there is still some space left on the outside of the flue. Because it is relatively narrow, many people will not want to use it.

But in fact, if the designer takes this into account when customizing the cabinet, and uses the flue to design the high cabinet, it can not only perfectly hide the flue, but also be used to store bottles and cans. The seasoning doesn't have to worry about being exposed. It's simply not too appropriate.

2. Five corner high cabinet is designed at corner position

No matter what the layout of our kitchen is, there may be some corner positions in the decoration process. If these positions are well used, they can increase the storage space. If they are not well used, they will not only waste space, but also easily lead to health dead corners.

According to the corner position, it is recommended to make a five corner high cabinet design to place large pots and match with the closed cabinet door, so that the cabinet will not be polluted by oil smoke and reduce the problem of sanitation and cleaning.

3. Replace cabinets with slats

With the upgrading of consumption, more and more small household appliances appear in our kitchens, such as electric rice cookers, soybean milk machines, air fryers, etc. Although they are not large in size, they also occupy a lot of space. If they are not stored in a suitable place, they will make the table messy.

It is suggested to install a strip board on the other side of the small kitchen to replace the cabinet, which can be used to place small kitchen appliances. It is spacious and not crowded, and can also save the kitchen countertop space. In addition, a small cart can be placed under the slat to hold some fragmentary items, which is also very flexible and convenient.

In addition, I would like to remind you that although the paint baking and pet door panels look very atmospheric when designing the cabinet, they should be scrubbed frequently in the heavy oil contaminated area of the kitchen. These two types are not only not resistant to dirt, but also easy to be scratched. It is recommended to choose the double facing door panel, which is cheap, scratch resistant or scrubbed.

4. Store well in the kitchen

In addition, if the kitchen wants to be clean and orderly, it should make full use of the wall, refrigerator side, windowsill and other spaces for storage.

The wall can be designed with hole plates, ranging from pot covers and cutting boards to tea cups and spoons. It is a good choice for layered hanging or classified hanging. Moreover, the hole plate can also become an art wall of kitchen utensils, which is both beautiful and practical.

A magnetic side rack can be installed on the side of the refrigerator, which can be firmly attached to the refrigerator without worrying about falling. It can not only put a water cup tea box, but also insert a fresh-keeping bag, kitchen oil absorbent paper, etc. it only needs to be pulled gently each time.

If the kitchen has a windowsill, you can also install an indomitable shelf on the windowsill to place all kinds of cups, plates, cleaning supplies, etc. in the kitchen at will. At the same time, the drainage tank is designed to store the washed dishes and chopsticks. Telescopic rod design, at the same time, it can adapt to the windowsill of high and medium height.

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