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Practical cabinet storage design makes the cabinet clean and clear! Jul 01, 2022

The key to the good use of cabinets lies in the good storage. The following BALOM has collected some super practical cabinet storage designs for you. You can learn from them after reading them, so that the cabinet storage is organized and the kitchen becomes clean and clear!

A large-scale locker has a closet space. The interior uses partitions to reasonably divide the space. It can store a lot of snacks and dry goods. It can be used by a family when they go to the supermarket once a week.

The movable drawer inside the cabinet is not only convenient for storing vegetables, but also convenient for disassembly and cleaning.

The knives are stored in drawers. The knives are neatly arranged. The blades are hidden to protect the safety of the owner. All kinds of knives are stored together and it is very convenient to find them.

The basket for storing seasoning bottles frees up the countertop space of the cabinet.

A cabinet door is added at the corner between the hanging cabinet and the table, and the used small appliances are hidden inside.

The big monster pulls the basket and makes good use of the partition to realize the storage and placement of a variety of items.

Clean items should be stored. No small space should be wasted.

People who like to cook can't help buying many kinds of pots. Is it very organized to put the pots in the cupboard like this?

The bottom of the sink should also be used reasonably.

Towel storage.

The countertop of the small kitchen is not enough, so the extension board is designed to increase the use area of the countertop.

The back of the cabinet door can also be used to store some small things.

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