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  • Cabinet designed like this? Fully display the storage space of the kitchen
    Cabinet designed like this? Fully display the storage space of the kitchen
    It is said that the design of the home directly affects the happiness of the home. A good kitchen design can multiply the happiness of cooking. The kitchen design, in addition to appearance and dynamic line, also needs to pay attention to the storage design. There are many daily necessities in the kitchen, ranging from electrical appliances and pots and pans to bottles and cans. If there is no unified planning, it will not only be inconvenient to take them, which will affect the cooking efficiency, but also may become idle and waste resources due to forgetting. Can design island or bar counter For the slightly affluent kitchen space, now many people are popular in the design of island, which can not only greatly release the operating space of the kitchen, increase the storage, but also make different spaces have a sense of boundaries, but also enhance the interaction and communication between families, and some even use it as a dining table. For a small kitchen space, you can design a small bar at the outermost side of the kitchen cabinet to add some flavor to life and make the kitchen change more. Make full use of cabinet space As the top priority of kitchen storage, its design is also very important. If you can, try to make more drawers or laminates when designing cabinets. In the stainless steel drawer, the partition or storage box is also used for fine storage, which not only looks clean and tidy, but also enables people to find the required items faster. In the ground cabinet and corner, you can use the corner pull basket to take items. At the same time, the wide pull basket, narrow pull basket, high pull basket, seasoning pull basket and other accessories of sward stainless steel cabinet can be well applied to the space of the ground cabinet, which is not only easy to find, but also more beautiful. In addition, the hanging cabinet located above can also use a pull basket, so that you are not afraid that you can't get the items above.
  • Bathroom cabinet purchase guide
    Bathroom cabinet purchase guide
    In fact, the quality of the bathroom cabinet will directly affect the subsequent use. Choosing the wrong bathroom cabinet will not only be uncomfortable, but also bring a lot of trouble. Today, from my personal experience, I would like to share some tips for choosing bathroom cabinets. If you buy Bathroom Cabinets during decoration, try to adhere to the "8 not to choose", not hypocritical, but to be more practical. 01 floor type bathroom cabinet is not selected The floor bathroom cabinet takes up space, and the gap at the bottom forms a sanitary dead corner, which is difficult to take care of after a long time. Choose a hanging bathroom cabinet that doesn't occupy space and is easy to take care of. If possible, it can be changed into wall drainage. After installing the bathroom cabinet, there is no sanitary dead corner at the bottom. It is refreshing and neat. 02 flat door bathroom cabinet is not selected The storage space of the swing door cabinet is limited, and it is inconvenient to squat down and take things. It is better to choose the drawer cabinet with large capacity and better pulling experience. Tips If the bathroom cabinet is placed against the wall, be sure to pay attention to the distance between the door pocket and the drawer in advance, otherwise the drawer will hit the door pocket when it is opened. 03 bathroom cabinet without particle board Common bathroom cabinet materials are roughly divided into three categories: solid wood, aluminum alloy and PVC. The solid wood is divided into multi-layer board, particle board and oak. Try not to choose particle board bathroom cabinet. The moisture-proof performance is weak and will be deformed after long use. To choose multi-layer solid wood board or oak board bathroom cabinet, waterproof and durable. If the budget is sufficient, the aluminum bathroom cabinet can be considered, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, stable and durable. 04 bathroom cabinet without skin sticking technology The bathroom cabinet attached to the skin will be deformed, peeled, or even moldy. It is recommended to choose the baking paint process bathroom cabinet, which is both waterproof and high-grade. 05 do not select bathroom cabinets with sharp corners on the edges The edge of the cabinet is too sharp. It's hard to bump into it when walking carelessly, especially if there are children and the elderly at home. The consequences of bumping into the cabinet are unimaginable. When purchasing, you should choose the bathroom cabinet with arc on the edge, which is good-looking and safe. 06 do not choose bathroom cabinet with Smart Mirror Smart mirror has strong functionality but lacks storage space, so it is not as practical as mirror cabinet. Remember to reserve a socket in the mirror cabinet for later use of hair dryer, razor, electric toothbrush and other electrical appliances. 07 do not choose bathroom cabinet with basin on the platform The basin on the platform has a high appearance value but is difficult to take car...
  • The design of cloakroom makes your space brighter
    The design of cloakroom makes your space brighter
    Good design, can talk. For home life, the cloakroom is a place full of stories. Every place hides the owner's life attitude and taste. Having a cloakroom full of layers and beauty can not only complete daily storage, but also reflect the ritual sense of life. Today, let's unlock new ideas for cloakroom design, complete the coordination from visual to psychological functions, and make the home more practical and beautiful. 01. walk in cloakroom The walk-in cloakroom is generally an independent space, which integrates the functional requirements of storage, changing clothes, makeup, etc., and is very practical. Moreover, the privacy is strong, and it is widely used in the current cloakroom design. Most of them show the texture and breath of the space through the glass texture wardrobe, visual and lightweight materials, and the modern ownerless lamp design. 02. open cloakroom Usually located in the master bedroom space, the most important feature of the open cloakroom design is good air circulation and clear storage function. According to the size of bedrooms, the open cloakroom is divided into customized wardrobe types arranged in a zigzag pattern and combined cloakrack design, which have their own advantages, and can be customized according to family needs. 03. free standing cloakroom There is no doubt that the independent cloakroom has certain requirements for the area of the home living space. Compared with the walk-in cloakroom, the independent cloakroom is more spacious and has better lighting and ventilation. Usually, the independent cloakroom is combined by closed and open cloakrooms and storage compartments of different sizes, with more diversified spatial functions. For example, it can be used for leisure, yoga, tea break and other functions, full of flexible beauty. In addition, the design of the cloakroom is not only reflected in the structural layout, but also through the details to create a delicate sense of fashion, highlighting the extraordinary aesthetic needs and life taste. 01. color matching selection The color matching of the cloakroom seems unimportant. In fact, the color of the interior substrate of the cabinet should be selected according to the lightness and darkness of the usual clothes. The strong color contrast is easier to set off the texture of the clothes. At the same time, if there are many dark clothes, it is recommended to use light colors to set off the interior of the wardrobe; On the contrary, use dark color system. 02. lighting design Scientific and reasonable lighting is a point that can not be ignored in the design of the cloakroom. The lighting can be adjusted between the temperature of cold and warm colors, and the illuminance close to the natural light can be selected, so as to restore the real color in daily use and adapt to different life scenes. 03. moving line layout design The fast-paced lifestyle makes convenience and comfort a must for the cloakroom. Therefore, the design of the cloakroom should pay ...
  • 10 Bathroom Design Secrets, so you have more space
    10 Bathroom Design Secrets, so you have more space
    In recent years, with the change of people's living concept, designers have also made great adjustments to the spatial planning. Ten years ago, the living room was small, the bedroom was large, and the bathroom and kitchen space were moderate, In the past two years, people have increased the space area of the living room, and compressed the space of the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, especially the bathroom space. How to design in the limited space to maximize the bathroom space? Today, I will share with you the design skills of 30 cases of bathroom space, so that you can get a larger bathroom space. If you want to make good use of every inch of bathroom space, there is no doubt that customizing furniture is a good way, In this way, the largest space will be planned according to the characteristics of your house type, However, there is no free lunch in the world. Customized furniture will increase the decoration budget. If you choose furniture, try to buy finished products if you can buy the right size. If you can't buy furniture, it is undoubtedly the best of both worlds to use customized methods. Some people say that my bathroom is less than two square meters. How do you want me to design it? If so, you can use the wall mounted washstand, which can effectively increase the visual effect of the bathroom space, If you can, hang a whole mirror on the wall. Your bathroom space looks really big. Not only that, you can also use it as a makeup mirror when you are in a hurry at work. You can make up when you are in a hurry. Where is makeup not painting! Choosing wall mounted bathroom products can make the space look larger, and it is especially convenient to clean. The wall faucet can effectively shorten the thickness of the bathroom cabinet, so as to get a larger bathroom space. However, if you are living in a villa, the wall faucet should be insulated, otherwise it will be troublesome if it is too cold in winter. The trough type sink takes up less space and can be placed in a small corner of the bathroom, but other waterways should be paved in advance before installation. The biggest purpose of embedded storage is to increase storage. If properly planned, you will have a cleaner and richer bathroom space, No matter what kind of space, as long as there are fewer things, the space will be larger, which is beyond doubt. If the budget is sufficient, and the lighting effect can be added, the sense of quality in the bathroom will burst. If the space in your bathroom is irregular, you can consider the plug-in toilet, that is, the water tank of the toilet is inside the wall, making the whole space look more harmonious and unified, If your house is a newly purchased building, you can use a water pressure toilet, which is completely flushed by water pressure, However, it is not recommended to use a water pressure toilet in the old building, even if you have installed a supercharger, because the water pressure still cannot be reached, It is best to find someone...
  • Design features of modern hotel apartment furniture
    Design features of modern hotel apartment furniture
    With the rapid development of economy, all walks of life began to conform to the fashion trend. While retaining the traditional furniture design, they also added many modern colors. Modern hotel apartment furniture is one of the breakthroughs. Seek innovation, reform and development to meet the needs of life. Modern hotel apartment furniture is also very complete. According to the functional area of the hotel, from the perspective of hotel positioning, it determines the style of hotel apartment furniture. Modern hotel apartment furniture mainly focuses on two design principles: practicality and comfort. In modern hotel apartment furniture design, apartment furniture is closely related to people's various activities. The design concept of "people-oriented" should be embodied everywhere and convenient to use. This is practicality. It should also show a sense of hierarchy and angle, showing a warm, relaxed and comfortable feeling on the whole, without any restraint and depression. To improve the sense of space. The purpose of design is human comfort. Therefore, the design of hotel apartment furniture needs to follow the natural law and objectivity. Paying attention to practical functions, being simple and generous, and abandoning repeated decoration are the required courses of hotel apartment furniture design. The overall design has a strong sense of use, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.
  • Walk in closet design concept: 11 perfect examples
    Walk in closet design concept: 11 perfect examples
    Walk in closets have become a necessary space for many families, in part because they can turn the trouble of getting up in the morning into a pleasant experience. Here are some techniques for designing personal dressing rooms, which not only ensure the function, but also will not affect the comfort and beauty. 01 Bold color Don't be afraid of color: don't forget color when creating a perfect walk-in wardrobe. This is a good way to shape personal space and create a specific atmosphere, whether it is vibrant, chic, feminine or masculine. You can add color to the chair or wall and change the former from time to time to make it feel like a new space. All colors apply to the wardrobe. 02 Make full use of space Although we are used to living in a narrow space, this does not mean that you need to give up all your finances; Instead, it encourages the full use of every inch of space. A good example is what Humbert & Poyet did for the rooms at the Hoxton boutique hotel in Paris. Each corner is a possible storage area that can be converted into custom drawers, bookshelves, or boxes. Folding clothes properly also helps to maximize the use of any available space. 03 Install sliding door In this 165 square meter apartment in Pingtung, Taiwan, Hao designed to put the walk-in closet behind the sliding door, allowing the owners to separate or connect the space with the bedroom according to their preferences. "Usually, walk-in wardrobes are not big, so we decided to use materials that let people not be oppressed in a narrow space." The team explained. The walls are darker than the rest of the bedroom to create visual contrast between areas. 04 Create a charming shelter "Your private closet should be an extension of your bedroom - and give it the attention it deserves!" said Kathryn Ivey, founder of interior design at Kathryn Ivey. "I designed the layout of the closet and retained the most important features, but we added beautiful wallpaper and plush carpets, and used Lucite rods. Mirrors and crystal lighting added a little charm. I wanted my client to think she was shopping in her closet." 05 Dressing area "I like to allocate 'special areas' to store underwear and jewelry, and do the final touch up: perfume, cosmetics and accessories," said Susan knof of knof design. In this penthouse apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, a small dressing area is integrated with a full high gray oak finish wardrobe. It is neatly located between a concealed wardrobe area and is flush with the adjacent full height shoe cabinet, achieving a seamless final appearance while making clever use of the entire space. 06 Plan storage ahead According to the kroesser & strat team of homepolish, a specific storage space must be planned in advance - a temporary hanging space for shirts and folded pants; Storage space for overcoats and coats; Storage of folding clothes; Add space for shoes and accessories. They said, "we always hide a safe on a remote shelf." In this apartment in Taiwan, ganna ...
  • small apartment decoration, the whole house customized cabinet design is simple, beautiful and practical
    small apartment decoration, the whole house customized cabinet design is simple, beautiful and practical
    For the decoration of small apartment houses, you can take a look at some decoration design cases before decoration, and you may find a lot of decoration inspiration. Today, I share a small apartment house with a simple design. The customized cabinets in the whole house add a lot of storage space, which is beautiful and practical! If your family is also a small family house or apartment, you may wish to refer to it. At the entrance porch, an embedded shoe cabinet is customized, which can increase a lot of storage space. In addition, the space utilization is also well designed. A shoe changing stool is reserved in the middle, which is convenient for sitting in and out of the door to change shoes. After entering the porch, you will find an open kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are also designed with minimalism. The door panels are designed with an opaque handle, which makes them very clean and atmospheric. The combination of log color and gray makes it look high-grade and elegant. In addition, in terms of spatial layout, it also makes full use of space. A hanging cabinet is installed above and a high cabinet design is installed next to it, which can increase the storage space. Next to the open kitchen is the living room. The sofa in the living room is not placed against the wall, so the sofa can also play a visual effect of zoning. Now this kind of sofa placement is also very popular. The TV in the living room is also customized. The wooden grid bar is made on it. The light in the space is very transparent. You can refer to the small house type. The overall space is designed with no main lights. A variety of light sources are combined for lighting, and the light is enough. In addition, the restaurant is close to the French window. This one is the master bedroom. The background wall at the bedside of the bedroom is painted with art wall paint, and the ceiling is equipped with a light belt, which looks very elegant and atmospheric! The bedroom space is not large as a whole, so it is designed with simple lines, and there is a hidden cloakroom inside. Although the cloakroom has a small space, it can accommodate daily clothes. This design is also very good! Finally, let's take a look at the bathroom. The design of the bathroom is also very good. It makes good use of the space. A shallow locker is made above the back of the toilet, which can also be used to place some paper towels and other small items. There is also a customized laundry cabinet in the bathroom. The clothes dryer and the washing machine are stacked together, which saves space. The whole room adopts customized cabinets, which can increase a lot of storage space, good-looking and practical! The bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas. The shower room with black frame looks very beautiful! Your home decoration can be referred to.

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