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Cabinet designed like this? Fully display the storage space of the kitchen Jun 30, 2022

It is said that the design of the home directly affects the happiness of the home. A good kitchen design can multiply the happiness of cooking. The kitchen design, in addition to appearance and dynamic line, also needs to pay attention to the storage design.

There are many daily necessities in the kitchen, ranging from electrical appliances and pots and pans to bottles and cans. If there is no unified planning, it will not only be inconvenient to take them, which will affect the cooking efficiency, but also may become idle and waste resources due to forgetting.

Can design island or bar counter

For the slightly affluent kitchen space, now many people are popular in the design of island, which can not only greatly release the operating space of the kitchen, increase the storage, but also make different spaces have a sense of boundaries, but also enhance the interaction and communication between families, and some even use it as a dining table. For a small kitchen space, you can design a small bar at the outermost side of the kitchen cabinet to add some flavor to life and make the kitchen change more.

Make full use of cabinet space

As the top priority of kitchen storage, its design is also very important. If you can, try to make more drawers or laminates when designing cabinets. In the stainless steel drawer, the partition or storage box is also used for fine storage, which not only looks clean and tidy, but also enables people to find the required items faster.

In the ground cabinet and corner, you can use the corner pull basket to take items. At the same time, the wide pull basket, narrow pull basket, high pull basket, seasoning pull basket and other accessories of sward stainless steel cabinet can be well applied to the space of the ground cabinet, which is not only easy to find, but also more beautiful. In addition, the hanging cabinet located above can also use a pull basket, so that you are not afraid that you can't get the items above.

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