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Bathroom cabinet purchase guide Jun 30, 2022

In fact, the quality of the bathroom cabinet will directly affect the subsequent use. Choosing the wrong bathroom cabinet will not only be uncomfortable, but also bring a lot of trouble.

Today, from my personal experience, I would like to share some tips for choosing bathroom cabinets. If you buy Bathroom Cabinets during decoration, try to adhere to the "8 not to choose", not hypocritical, but to be more practical.

01 floor type bathroom cabinet is not selected

The floor bathroom cabinet takes up space, and the gap at the bottom forms a sanitary dead corner, which is difficult to take care of after a long time.

Choose a hanging bathroom cabinet that doesn't occupy space and is easy to take care of. If possible, it can be changed into wall drainage. After installing the bathroom cabinet, there is no sanitary dead corner at the bottom. It is refreshing and neat.

02 flat door bathroom cabinet is not selected

The storage space of the swing door cabinet is limited, and it is inconvenient to squat down and take things. It is better to choose the drawer cabinet with large capacity and better pulling experience.


If the bathroom cabinet is placed against the wall, be sure to pay attention to the distance between the door pocket and the drawer in advance, otherwise the drawer will hit the door pocket when it is opened.

03 bathroom cabinet without particle board

Common bathroom cabinet materials are roughly divided into three categories: solid wood, aluminum alloy and PVC. The solid wood is divided into multi-layer board, particle board and oak. Try not to choose particle board bathroom cabinet. The moisture-proof performance is weak and will be deformed after long use.

To choose multi-layer solid wood board or oak board bathroom cabinet, waterproof and durable. If the budget is sufficient, the aluminum bathroom cabinet can be considered, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, stable and durable.

04 bathroom cabinet without skin sticking technology

The bathroom cabinet attached to the skin will be deformed, peeled, or even moldy. It is recommended to choose the baking paint process bathroom cabinet, which is both waterproof and high-grade.

05 do not select bathroom cabinets with sharp corners on the edges

The edge of the cabinet is too sharp. It's hard to bump into it when walking carelessly, especially if there are children and the elderly at home. The consequences of bumping into the cabinet are unimaginable. When purchasing, you should choose the bathroom cabinet with arc on the edge, which is good-looking and safe.

06 do not choose bathroom cabinet with Smart Mirror

Smart mirror has strong functionality but lacks storage space, so it is not as practical as mirror cabinet.

Remember to reserve a socket in the mirror cabinet for later use of hair dryer, razor, electric toothbrush and other electrical appliances.

07 do not choose bathroom cabinet with basin on the platform

The basin on the platform has a high appearance value but is difficult to take care of. After washing, the hand splashes water on the table, which is not treated in time and seeps into the cracks of the basin, turning black and moldy, affecting the environment.

In order to reduce the cleaning burden, we must choose the basin under the table. It is best to use the ceramic integrated basin under the table. There is no gap between the table and the basin, leaving no sanitary dead corner; And the basin has a large space, which makes it more comfortable to use!

08 do not choose bathroom cabinet with no water bar

There is no water blocking design on the table. The bathroom cabinet is completely flush with the cabinet. After washing, the water splashed by hands can easily flow into the cabinet along the edge. It will certainly damage the cabinet for a long time. In order to avoid unnecessary losses, the bathroom cabinet must be designed with water retaining around.

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