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Whole house customized cabinet design
small apartment decoration, the whole house customized cabinet design is simple, beautiful and practical Jun 24, 2022

For the decoration of small apartment houses, you can take a look at some decoration design cases before decoration, and you may find a lot of decoration inspiration. Today, I share a small apartment house with a simple design. The customized cabinets in the whole house add a lot of storage space, which is beautiful and practical! If your family is also a small family house or apartment, you may wish to refer to it.

At the entrance porch, an embedded shoe cabinet is customized, which can increase a lot of storage space. In addition, the space utilization is also well designed. A shoe changing stool is reserved in the middle, which is convenient for sitting in and out of the door to change shoes.

After entering the porch, you will find an open kitchen. The kitchen cabinets are also designed with minimalism. The door panels are designed with an opaque handle, which makes them very clean and atmospheric.

The combination of log color and gray makes it look high-grade and elegant. In addition, in terms of spatial layout, it also makes full use of space. A hanging cabinet is installed above and a high cabinet design is installed next to it, which can increase the storage space.

Next to the open kitchen is the living room. The sofa in the living room is not placed against the wall, so the sofa can also play a visual effect of zoning. Now this kind of sofa placement is also very popular.

The TV in the living room is also customized. The wooden grid bar is made on it. The light in the space is very transparent. You can refer to the small house type.

The overall space is designed with no main lights. A variety of light sources are combined for lighting, and the light is enough. In addition, the restaurant is close to the French window.

This one is the master bedroom. The background wall at the bedside of the bedroom is painted with art wall paint, and the ceiling is equipped with a light belt, which looks very elegant and atmospheric!

The bedroom space is not large as a whole, so it is designed with simple lines, and there is a hidden cloakroom inside.

Although the cloakroom has a small space, it can accommodate daily clothes. This design is also very good!

Finally, let's take a look at the bathroom. The design of the bathroom is also very good. It makes good use of the space. A shallow locker is made above the back of the toilet, which can also be used to place some paper towels and other small items.

There is also a customized laundry cabinet in the bathroom. The clothes dryer and the washing machine are stacked together, which saves space. The whole room adopts customized cabinets, which can increase a lot of storage space, good-looking and practical!

The bathroom is divided into dry and wet areas. The shower room with black frame looks very beautiful! Your home decoration can be referred to.

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