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Design features of modern hotel apartment furniture Jun 30, 2022

With the rapid development of economy, all walks of life began to conform to the fashion trend. While retaining the traditional furniture design, they also added many modern colors. Modern hotel apartment furniture is one of the breakthroughs. Seek innovation, reform and development to meet the needs of life. Modern hotel apartment furniture is also very complete.

According to the functional area of the hotel, from the perspective of hotel positioning, it determines the style of hotel apartment furniture. Modern hotel apartment furniture mainly focuses on two design principles: practicality and comfort.

In modern hotel apartment furniture design, apartment furniture is closely related to people's various activities. The design concept of "people-oriented" should be embodied everywhere and convenient to use. This is practicality. It should also show a sense of hierarchy and angle, showing a warm, relaxed and comfortable feeling on the whole, without any restraint and depression. To improve the sense of space.

The purpose of design is human comfort. Therefore, the design of hotel apartment furniture needs to follow the natural law and objectivity. Paying attention to practical functions, being simple and generous, and abandoning repeated decoration are the required courses of hotel apartment furniture design. The overall design has a strong sense of use, giving people a relaxed and comfortable feeling.

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