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The design of cloakroom makes your space brighter Jun 30, 2022

Good design, can talk. For home life, the cloakroom is a place full of stories. Every place hides the owner's life attitude and taste. Having a cloakroom full of layers and beauty can not only complete daily storage, but also reflect the ritual sense of life. Today, let's unlock new ideas for cloakroom design, complete the coordination from visual to psychological functions, and make the home more practical and beautiful.

01. walk in cloakroom

The walk-in cloakroom is generally an independent space, which integrates the functional requirements of storage, changing clothes, makeup, etc., and is very practical. Moreover, the privacy is strong, and it is widely used in the current cloakroom design.

Most of them show the texture and breath of the space through the glass texture wardrobe, visual and lightweight materials, and the modern ownerless lamp design.

02. open cloakroom

Usually located in the master bedroom space, the most important feature of the open cloakroom design is good air circulation and clear storage function. According to the size of bedrooms, the open cloakroom is divided into customized wardrobe types arranged in a zigzag pattern and combined cloakrack design, which have their own advantages, and can be customized according to family needs.

03. free standing cloakroom

There is no doubt that the independent cloakroom has certain requirements for the area of the home living space. Compared with the walk-in cloakroom, the independent cloakroom is more spacious and has better lighting and ventilation. Usually, the independent cloakroom is combined by closed and open cloakrooms and storage compartments of different sizes, with more diversified spatial functions. For example, it can be used for leisure, yoga, tea break and other functions, full of flexible beauty.

In addition, the design of the cloakroom is not only reflected in the structural layout, but also through the details to create a delicate sense of fashion, highlighting the extraordinary aesthetic needs and life taste.

01. color matching selection

The color matching of the cloakroom seems unimportant. In fact, the color of the interior substrate of the cabinet should be selected according to the lightness and darkness of the usual clothes. The strong color contrast is easier to set off the texture of the clothes. At the same time, if there are many dark clothes, it is recommended to use light colors to set off the interior of the wardrobe; On the contrary, use dark color system.

02. lighting design

Scientific and reasonable lighting is a point that can not be ignored in the design of the cloakroom. The lighting can be adjusted between the temperature of cold and warm colors, and the illuminance close to the natural light can be selected, so as to restore the real color in daily use and adapt to different life scenes.

03. moving line layout design

The fast-paced lifestyle makes convenience and comfort a must for the cloakroom. Therefore, the design of the cloakroom should pay attention to the dynamic line layout design, and create a cloakroom full of hierarchy and order beauty based on the principle of "the shortest time and the shortest distance".

"Ceremony is a very important thing. The sense of ceremony turns life into life." Haruki Murakami said that people who really love life will try to infiltrate it into every small detail of daily life. The cloakroom integrates daily tediousness into exquisite life through design and creation, bringing you elegant and leisurely home life.

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