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Walk in closet design concept: 11 perfect examples Jun 30, 2022

Walk in closets have become a necessary space for many families, in part because they can turn the trouble of getting up in the morning into a pleasant experience. Here are some techniques for designing personal dressing rooms, which not only ensure the function, but also will not affect the comfort and beauty.


Bold color

Don't be afraid of color: don't forget color when creating a perfect walk-in wardrobe. This is a good way to shape personal space and create a specific atmosphere, whether it is vibrant, chic, feminine or masculine. You can add color to the chair or wall and change the former from time to time to make it feel like a new space. All colors apply to the wardrobe.


Make full use of space

Although we are used to living in a narrow space, this does not mean that you need to give up all your finances; Instead, it encourages the full use of every inch of space. A good example is what Humbert & Poyet did for the rooms at the Hoxton boutique hotel in Paris. Each corner is a possible storage area that can be converted into custom drawers, bookshelves, or boxes. Folding clothes properly also helps to maximize the use of any available space.


Install sliding door

In this 165 square meter apartment in Pingtung, Taiwan, Hao designed to put the walk-in closet behind the sliding door, allowing the owners to separate or connect the space with the bedroom according to their preferences. "Usually, walk-in wardrobes are not big, so we decided to use materials that let people not be oppressed in a narrow space." The team explained. The walls are darker than the rest of the bedroom to create visual contrast between areas.


Create a charming shelter

"Your private closet should be an extension of your bedroom - and give it the attention it deserves!" said Kathryn Ivey, founder of interior design at Kathryn Ivey. "I designed the layout of the closet and retained the most important features, but we added beautiful wallpaper and plush carpets, and used Lucite rods. Mirrors and crystal lighting added a little charm. I wanted my client to think she was shopping in her closet."


Dressing area

"I like to allocate 'special areas' to store underwear and jewelry, and do the final touch up: perfume, cosmetics and accessories," said Susan knof of knof design. In this penthouse apartment in Sofia, Bulgaria, a small dressing area is integrated with a full high gray oak finish wardrobe. It is neatly located between a concealed wardrobe area and is flush with the adjacent full height shoe cabinet, achieving a seamless final appearance while making clever use of the entire space.


Plan storage ahead

According to the kroesser & strat team of homepolish, a specific storage space must be planned in advance - a temporary hanging space for shirts and folded pants; Storage space for overcoats and coats; Storage of folding clothes; Add space for shoes and accessories. They said, "we always hide a safe on a remote shelf." In this apartment in Taiwan, ganna design created an organized wardrobe to effectively place items, thus creating a clean bedroom.


Use beautiful lamps

The founders of LIM + Lu designed a flexible space in their Hong Kong Apartment, equipped with a fashionable chandelier. "We decided to use retail elements in the home environment because stores are always inspired by the family," Elaine Lu said. "So we thought, 'why can't we turn it around?'" this walk-in closet is fresh and exquisite, featuring a combination of rich pastel and dark gem tones and patterned tiles.


Storage units with different requirements

In this Montreal home, the spacious walk-in closet - separated from the bedroom by an oak sliding door - includes custom furniture from floor to ceiling, as well as storage units of different sizes and shapes. Clothes, shoes, bags and accessories occupy specific areas according to their size.



In this London home, the famous designer Kelly hopper designed a dreamy walk-in wardrobe - which is also a shelter - filled with her vintage clothes collected over the years. The space is decorated with black-and-white photos, chandeliers and a three sided mirror. The space is equipped with two warm Taupe Antique chairs and two sculpture stools designed by India Mahdavi, which are used as side tables here.


Brilliant show off

Show off your clothes and shoes: in Paris, SC Edition (designed by Stephanie coutas) designed this luxurious wardrobe with white ebony shelves and drawers with high gloss surfaces, paired with polished brass gold rods. Elitis' Eclat wallpapers, custom mirrors and custom carpets designed by SC edition in cooperation with Ferreira de SA, help create a bright and charming walk-in wardrobe, where every piece of clothes, bags and shoes are gracefully displayed.


Keep it simple

In Galicia, Spain, gaila Gonzales, a stylist and interior designer from egue y seta, designed her 85 square meter urban shelter. According to Gonzales, the house "is far from looking like a museum, but the result of continuous and interesting 'looking for beauty' through markets, antique markets and antique shops around the world". However, for her walk-in wardrobe, gaila chose a minimalist look and soft colors to provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

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