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  • If you buy another house, you must refer to the three
    If you buy another house, you must refer to the three "cabinet designs" to experience the advanced
    Since I became a designer, I want to take out some cases with advanced decoration effects and hope to give you a decoration reference. After all, in the matter of decoration, how much money is a small matter, and whether it is practical after check-in is the key. The decoration contains many knowledge points, especially for the first time decoration, the more decoration experience and cases you see, the more you know, and naturally you will step on the pit less. It is said that the decoration of the kitchen is always key. Here are the three most valuable cabinet designs in 2022. It is recommended to put them away in advance! 1、 Change ordinary hanging cabinet into double-layer hanging cabinet The common kitchen hanging cabinets are basically the following single-layer hanging cabinets: For us, although this single-layer hanging cabinet also has a certain storage capacity, the storage space is far from enough. If you are a person who often cook, you should find that the number of utensils and items in the kitchen is increasing every year, and there is no "disconnection" at all. In particular, the small kitchen appliances now have new products on the market every year. There are many ways to start, so the storage is a problem. So the next popular design is the "double-layer hanging cabinet" below. The design of double-layer hanging cabinet, first of all, will not have an impact on the kitchen in terms of aesthetics. Secondly, it can really double the storage space. The utensils not commonly used in the kitchen are directly arranged on the upper part of the double-layer hanging cabinet. Items with high frequency of use, such as condiments, can be arranged in the lower cabinet. In this way, you can save the space of the cabinet countertop. After check-in, you will know that a clean and tidy countertop is very important to improve the aesthetics of the whole kitchen. If all the bottles, bottles and cans are placed on the table, it is not only crowded but also low in aesthetics, so the double-layer hanging cabinet is a very suitable solution. BALOM guide small class: design principles for decorating double-layer hanging cabinets There is a hard condition for the design of double-layer hanging cabinet, that is, the floor height of the kitchen cannot be too low, otherwise the practice of double-layer hanging cabinet will appear to be more depressed in the whole kitchen. In addition, in terms of specific design details, the practice of double-layer hanging cabinet is to shrink the second layer of hanging cabinet by 8-10 cm. At the same time, in terms of cabinet door design, the upper layer of hanging cabinet still adopts the traditional side hung door, while the lower layer of hanging cabinet, the most appropriate design is to make it into an upside down cabinet. The design of the upturned cabinet mainly considers the use experience after check-in. The biggest advantage of this kind of cupboard door with upper flip is that it is convenient to take and sto...
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