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Kitchen storage cabinet: can the cabinet be installed like this? Simply solve the storage problem! Jul 01, 2022

The space of the kitchen is generally relatively small. At first, there may only be a table and a stove. Now, due to the growth of family living standards and demand, the functional requirements of the kitchen are higher.

For the kitchen, in addition to cooking, storage is the most important. The kitchen space is small, and the storage focus is on the cabinet. So, the design of cabinets is very important, want to accomplish small space big effect as far as possible. Today, BALOM will show you how to design cabinets to make them easy to use.

1、 There should be dew in the cupboard

In order to make the cabinets look clean and tidy, many families have designed fully enclosed cabinets. When things are put in, the doors of the cabinets look very simple once they are closed.

But the drawback is that there may be no place for the oven and microwave oven. It is very troublesome to put it into the cabinet and take it out every time. If it is placed on the table, it will make the table that was not very spacious more crowded, and it will never be able to make the table "empty".

Therefore, if there are ovens, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, it is best to design a cabinet with hidden dew. Some common electrical appliances can be placed on the exposed ones. They should be reserved according to the conventional size of the electrical appliances. It is best to just put them in, so that the overall aesthetics will not be affected.

The open cabinet can also put some condiments, dishes and other handy things, which is more convenient to take than the closed cabinet.

There are many design styles for leaving the cabinet blank, but the most important thing is to consider practicality. If it is to put spices and electrical appliances, it is best to design them in the lower row of the hanging cabinet.

2、 Hanging cabinet extends to the ground

Some people will feel that these appliances such as microwave ovens are heavier on the wall cabinet, and they still tend to put them on the table. In addition to safety and stability, it is more convenient to use on the table.

But a drawback that puts mesa to lie in electric wire to expose very unsightly, so, be inferior to the cabinets that designs an indomitable spirit. Design the position of the oven and microwave oven in the middle of the cabinet flush with the table, which will look much more tidy. If there is no extra space to make an indomitable cabinet, just extend the hanging cabinet to the countertop, and then put the oven on the countertop.

3、 Add special electrical cabinet

There are more and more small electrical appliances in the kitchen. A special electrical appliance storage cabinet is very important. It can relieve the storage pressure of electrical appliances, and avoid the disordered kitchen caused by the disorderly placement of electrical appliances!

4、 Floor cabinet design

If the space of the hanging cabinet is not enough, it can also be realized on the ground cabinet. The ground cabinet should be left empty to facilitate the storage and use of items.

Different from the hanging cabinet, the empty space of the floor cabinet is best designed on the top of the cabinet, so you can take it by bending down at will without causing excessive discomfort.

The position of the kitchen storage cabinet is fixed, and things can only be fixed there. If there is a need for mobile storage at home. Then the mobile storage trolley that BALOM has mentioned countless times before should come on the stage.

The mobile trolley has a strong storage function, can hold a lot of things, and can move its position flexibly. But it may not fit the kitchen as a whole. Therefore, some families will leave space in the corner of the ground cabinet for small carts. When not in use, it will not affect the overall vision, and there is no need to worry about the small cart occupying the kitchen aisle.

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