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Cabinet designs
The secret of making the cabinet more beautiful and practical is absolutely not to be missed! Jul 01, 2022

With the change of life style, the kitchen, as the place that can best reflect the flavor of home life, has long been more than a place for cooking. It is the core place of a home and an indispensable part of home life!

The most important thing in the kitchen is the beautiful and practical cabinets. Today, BALOM will say something about the cabinet design of the kitchen!

01. Cabinet design should have both exposure and concealment

In order to make the kitchen look clean and tidy as a whole, many families will consider closed cabinets when designing cabinets.

Although the fully enclosed type solves the problem of "nothing on the table", the utensils such as the oven, microwave oven or cooking utensils that can be easily used are placed in the cabinet, and the cabinet door must be opened every time, which will be very chicken ribs in daily life.

Therefore, it is suggested that the cabinet design should be exposed and hidden. If it is left blank, it can be either below or left or right, so that the whole cabinet can add some changes.

Of course, practicality and moving line should also be considered. Compared with heavy household appliances, it is recommended to design the empty position at the low position as far as possible.

02. Extend the hanging cabinet to the table

Compared with the traditional hanging, the hanging cabinet is directly extended to the table, which is equivalent to the lengthened hanging cabinet. This design can make full use of the space originally at the corner and store more than twice!

This kind of design uses most is to put the home appliance on the corner of the table and the wall, and then make a cabinet connected with the table, so that the whole will be much more tidy.

In addition, if there is a storage cabinet on the table, you can reach out and operate it without tiptoe.

03. Add special electrical cabinet to the cabinet

With the improvement of the quality of life, there are more and more electrical appliances in modern families, such as microwave ovens, fryers, meat grinder and so on.

For small families, the storage of these electrical appliances is easy to cause pressure on the kitchen, so it is necessary to add special electrical cabinets in the cabinet design. In addition to alleviating the storage pressure in the kitchen, it can also reduce the risk caused by the accumulation of various electrical appliances and the winding of wires.

04. Add the design of empty ground cabinet

The hanging cabinet is left empty or extended for the storage of electrical appliances, while the ground cabinet is designed to facilitate the storage and use of items. Generally speaking, it is set at the top of the ground cabinet for easy access, reducing the number of personnel bending over.

Japanese families are the most common ones to leave the floor cabinet empty. The smaller the space, the more practical it is. Generally speaking, there are relatively small electrical appliances such as rice cookers, induction cooker, hot water kettle, etc. that can be put into the ground cabinet.

The above is all about cabinet design. Have you learned?

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