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Taken from nature, popular in fashion丨BALOM 2022 new urban forest series Nov 19, 2022

Fast-paced work and life, often see words about "escape from the city", some in the name of love, some because of boredom, urban strugglers hope to find a piece of their own on the day they leave Heart garden. Products originate from life and return to life. "Urban Forest" heals everything in the heart.

The "Urban Forest" is coloured in oyster grey & walnut, which are natural and fashionable, with rich layers, perfect saturation and calm tones of light and dark.It is complemented by the invisible installation of recessed handles and a 48mm wide profile glass door, highlighting the art of the visible and the hidden.BALOM custom whole house furniture design and production.

custom modern kitchen cabinet

Kitchen space

Add a little something to make life tasty, the kitchen is the most warming place in the family, the three meals that are indispensable in a day, are carefully completed in this space. Walnut textured finishes and subdued grey tones are the face of the cooking space's sophistication and premium feel. Large space modern custom kitchen cabinets, The cabinets make use of reasonable functional partitions, staggered and stacked to form a space that meets the needs of multifunctional living.

modern design TV cabinet

Living room space

The living room is a place for family communication and interaction, where all troubles are calmed because they are good at sharing, and all joys are multiplied because they are willing to share. The family interacts happily. The low-key color of the background awakens the layering of the space, and the minimalist door design is added to the side to make the overall sense of the space stronger. When you open the door to enter another space, the overall coordination is consistent, no more, no less, creating a yearning life.

whole house custom manufacturer

Restaurant space

With the advocacy of the open living style, more and more restaurants are integrated with the overall space. The multi-functionality of the restaurant is more flexible. It not only carries the daily dining activities but also has activity habits. In the restaurant, it is not only the taste buds to enjoy , as well as a sense of comfortable living experience, the overall beauty of the open space and the grille background also makes the eyes have starlight.

bedroom furniture wardrobe

Bedroom space

A place where the family refines and tastes life is the cloakroom. All the unhappiness in life, when you see an item with a story in the cloakroom, everything is cured.Custom glass door wardrobe for bedroom cloakroom,What is displayed here is not only your favorite clothes, but your personal love and fun. Not only is the space huge , and detailed partitions, rich storage, can meet multiple personal tastes of life.

bookshelf custom supplier

Study Space

Collect classics, feel the charm of design that will not be lost by time, do not pursue absolute "functionalism", and do not advocate pure "beauty of art", follow your own heart, connect space with life, escape from the hustle and bustle of the world, and create your own Little traces of yourself, return to nature, please yourself.

whole house supplier

Entrance space

Keep the welcome and welcome space clean. The one-shaped hallway echoes the milled built-in handle. The space area is comfortable for sitting and changing shoes. The upper and lower separate modular design has a more design sense. Belonging. There is a combination of hanging clothes and a storage shoe rack inside the upper door opening, so you don’t need to bend over to pick up shoes, and there is an area at the bottom to place house slippers and outdoor shoes. Decorative grille background decoration makes life sweet and salty.

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