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Simple complexity,reshape minimalism 丨 BALOM 2022 New Product FREY Series Dec 03, 2022
BALOM whole house customization adheres to the core design concept of "integration of cabinets, walls and doors", and creates the same color customization for the whole house through continuous optimization. Compared with the traditional whole house customization scheme, the integrated design of the cabinet wall and door has the advantages of high appearance, creating a private space, realizing space separation, and highlighting the decorative performance. Integrated customization, while reasonably matching the various elements of the space, it also makes the space level more abundant, full of elasticity and tension.

Simplify complexity and reshape minimalism—BALOM 2022 new Frey series uses details to explain minimalist customization, and integrates the "shape" and "color" of the product with the integration of cabinets, walls and doors.

In this case, the application of monochrome plate + metal texture, supplemented by embedded metal handles, creates a modern, light and elegant product, and the color matching of the product is more in line with the current trend of furniture; the product form is mainly based on clear outline lines , the whole is simplified.

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The cabinet body is made of monochrome veneer panels, matched with PET with metal texture and skin texture, supplemented by stone pattern veneer materials, simplifying the complexity, and constructing the essence of simple and luxurious style. The shape is simple but varied; metal brushed and monochrome The material of the veneered panel cabinet has obvious contrast, one virtual and one solid; the storage space is rich and diverse.

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The door-to-top design is simple and elegant. The application of aluminum-framed glass doors increases the transparency of the product while improving the product's grade. The open cabinet meets the needs of storage while echoing the aluminum-framed door. The "one"-shaped wall design enhances space utilization, the high cabinet design enhances storage, and the dining area is convenient for the storage of handy items, making the home environment beautiful and comfortable; the long handle makes the product look more atmospheric.

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■TV cabinet
The combination of high cabinets, floor cabinets, table cabinets and open cabinets not only satisfies storage requirements, but also greatly enriches the structure of the product; one door to the top can better integrate with the indoor environment; proper application of aluminum Framed glass doors and open cabinets avoid the overall being too closed, monotonous and dull, and can be differentiated in terms of storage functions; local embellishments of stone-patterned finishes enhance product grades.

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■Entry cabinet
In appearance, it echoes the form of sideboards, TV cabinets and other products, which is concise and clear. Integrating shoe changing, storage, hanging personal belongings, display, etc., the high cabinet meets the storage needs, the high cabinet open cabinet can be used to display items, and the lower cabinet is open to facilitate shoe changing. Although the overall product is small, there are changes in front and back.

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■Laundry room
Open cabinets are added to the wall cabinets, which can store frequently used items. The built-in washing machine is convenient for laundry, and at the same time, a clothes dryer is added, which is convenient and practical, and a washing table is added, which is convenient to use. While the high cabinet enriches the product structure, it can well hide cleaning tools and so on.

custom modern bookcase

The open cabinet can display the owner's collection, reflect the owner's taste, and echo with the same color wallboard, which is more integrated. The drawer adopts a convex and solid design, which makes the product more three-dimensional. With powerful storage functions, it creates a different study space.

custom design wardrobe


The wardrobe adopts a symmetrical design, and the overall is simple and elegant without being fragmented. The large-capacity top drawer makes storage no longer a worry. The design of the open cabinet in the middle allows the combination of virtual and real products to meet the storage of daily items and enrich the product structure. The organic combination of wall panels and wardrobes creates a stronger sense of space.

new design cloakroom


The L-shaped cloakroom design, the aluminum frame glass door and the door panel are organically combined, and the use of lighting in the cabinet creates a sense of memory. The small drawers are in stark contrast to the large front panels for a more dynamic feel and can be used to store small items. The open and closed components complement each other, which can effectively use the space to complete the seasonal project, and the island platform enhances the display effect.

L-shape kitchen cabinet

■Kitchen cabinet
The design of L-shaped kitchen cabinet and island table is fashionable and atmospheric. The organic combination of metal pattern and stone pattern is integrated into the design of the aluminum frame door to improve the product grade, supplemented by matte black edge banding handle, which looks more refined. The seasoning rack on the table can make good use of the space, and it echoes the open cabinet of the high cabinet, and also conforms to the current design trend. The wine cabinet enhances the product style. The left side adopts a high cabinet design, which meets the needs of storage and has a sense of volume.

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