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Modular Kitchen Cabinets
  • Time-saving
    Keep you from dealing with many suppliers for different items your project needs.
  • Budget-control
    Enable you to get more preferential price for whole house project package.
  • Scheduling
    Free you from worrying about capacity and delivery of different suppliers.
  • Measurement & Installation Assistance
    BALOM will guide you through the measurement process and later on we will present installation videos and installation manuals as a reference, so that you can discuss any questions you may have with us.

  • 3D Renderings and Mock up
    While 2D drawings is a basic requirement for interior design,BALOM provides 3D renderings and mock uo service for project orders.This is to avoid misunderstanding and mistakes on 2D drawings.

  • After Sales Service
    You can contact BALOM if you have any problems with the later use and we will take care of the problem for you.BALOM assures you of a consistent and professional service, both before and after the order.
We pride ourselves in participating in such a great number of significant projects.
  • Ten Spaces Saudi Arabia Custom Kitchen Cabinet Showroom
    Ten Spaces Saudi Arabia Custom Kitchen Cabinet Showroom
    The project in Saudi Arabia is a custom design and installation of ten space showrooms in a contemporary style, using different materials, for a clearer visualisation of the quality of our products. Kitchen Cabinets Modern style light coloured high-end design kitchen cabinets to make your home more pleasing to the eye.  The design of the kitchen island allows for a more rational division of the kitchen space without losing cabinet storage space. The dark curry glossy design of the kitchen cabinets is subdued with a hint of style. The design of the centre island strictly divides the storage of the oven etc. from the cooking area.  The use of glass cabinet doors emphasises the clean and tidy atmosphere. Stainless steel with white laminate, the refrigerator and oven are placed in one piece, with a stylish and simple design without losing its atmosphere.  The smart touch-opening doors add a sense of technology and convenience to the kitchen. A creative collision of black and blue bespoke kitchen cabinets, with a marbled centre island top adding a touch of high-end sophistication.  This design can be used in oversized kitchens to create an overall high end atmosphere. The L-shaped bespoke cabinets, designed to fit the kitchen area with extra-long practical worktops, are in a classic black and white colour scheme, a combination of rustic and modern styles colliding, still with a centre island design, practical and beautiful. A combination of original wood and grey with marble countertops designed for custom kitchen cabinets. The raw wood veneers add a touch of brightness to the grey design, which is subdued with a sense of style. The original cumbersome cabinet door design has been abandoned for a brighter and neater glass cabinet door. This bespoke colour blocking kitchen cabinet design by the client can also be customised with other materials. Colour block design blue lacquer with integral bespoke kitchen cabinets with a small centre island bar. Glass cabinet doors for a bright and clean modern high-end bespoke kitchen cabinet door.
  • BALOM Malaysia Kitchen Cabinet Project
    BALOM Malaysia Kitchen Cabinet Project
    As a trustworthy cabinet wholesaler, BALOM has supplied custom cabinet and house solution for great numbers of projects all over the world.BALOM designs products to the customer's satisfaction according to the requirements required by the customer, with the customer's needs being paramount, and post-production is strictly in accordance with standards. L-shaped cabinet design with all white panels and sensible design of built-in oven and fridge. The combination of kitchen cabinets and washing machine is designed to make reasonable use of space for the client's overall style coordination, and is designed to make high-end kitchen cabinets to meet all the needs of the client's personal residence.The pure white panels give the whole kitchen space a bright and clean look.

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