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What kind of whole-house customized consumption view does the younger consumer group have? 2021-03-20
In the future, the post-90s generation will be the new main force in the consumption of the whole-house customization industry, and the post-00s generation will also arrive. To win their favor, whole-house customization companies need to understand their characteristics in depth. This generation is exposed to a huge amount of information, the accumulated knowledge is mixed but not precise, and they are more sensitive to negative things. They believe that seeing is believing, they are more willing to experience it, and do it themselves. They will ask the whole house custom enterprise to produce good evidence of the product. , Good things are more willing to share with others.

For consumers born in the 85s and 90s, the purchase of a favorite product is only a small part of the household goods consumption process, and its supporting transportation, installation and after-sales services have also become the main aspects of their brand recognition. And this should become the focus of the whole house customization enterprise, and among them, the consumer experience is the pain point.

And consumers born in the 85s and 90s will show their personalities at the consumption level. Different groups of people have different interpretations of the custom style of the whole house. When the home space becomes a personalized platform that can bring peace and relaxation to the soul, the style of the whole house customization industry will present a personalized, high-quality fashion trend and development trend. Material, fashion, and intelligence will gradually bring creativity to people's lives.
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