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U Shape White and Wooden Melamine Color kitchen Cabinet

U Shape White and Wooden Melamine Color Ready to Assemble Kitchen Cabinet
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    Anhui, China
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    Shanghai Port
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    Pure or wood grain
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Products Details

Kitchen Cabinets Quick Details

Door panel finish

Other options Wood veneer
Germany membrane/Korea Membrane

Tempered glass

Carcass Moisture-proof engineered wood with melamine faced
Other option
Water-proof plywood


quartz stone
Other option Artificial stone,Granite,Marble

Hinge and damper

Blum hinge and damper
Drawer runner Blum stainless steel drawer runner with soft close
Other options Blum painted drawer runner with soft close
Garis drawer runner with soft close
Handles and knobs Full collections for your selections
Sink cabinet Full stainless steel

Toe kick

(for your selection)

Aluminum alloy
The same material as door panel
Base cabinet Comes with top panel


(for your selection)

Stainless steel
Quartz stone

Accessories (full collections)

Pull-out basket,Lazy susan,Utensil tray, Spice tray, Rice box, Rubbish bin, etc.

Kitchen appliances (full collections)

Built-in Refrigerator, disinfection machine, oven, microwave oven, coffee maker, wine machine, dishwasher, Electric/Gas stove, range hood, etc.
Specifications Customized

Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel Finish

1. Germany/Korea LG Membrane

Germany/Korea LG Membrane is a strong, tightly-wrapped and heat-sealed seamless plastic that produces a beautiful uniform appearance that is high temperature resistant, wear resistant, resilient,easy-to-care for and impervious to stains.The smooth-surfaced doors are custom made to your kitchen project, and are available in a range of sheen levels, colors and wood grain textures.

PVC Membrane

2. Lacquer

Lacquer doors use a pigmented polyurethane stain to saturate engineered wood surfaces to create a rich,smooth and beautiful color finish. A base primer is applied to seal the surface and then a coat of paint is applied and hand wiped to create consistent color coverage. There are a wide range of high gloss pure colors, matt colors, wood grain colors for your selections.

Lacquer kitchen cabinet color

3. Solid wood

Solid wood doors have inherent natural colors and variations that present a number of beautiful possibilities for your room. Our wood cabinet doors come in a wide range of stylish variations, including cherry, hickory, teak, maple and oak.

Solid wood Door Style

4. Wood veneer

Veneer doors will hold up better against humidity and temperature change, and are less likely than solid wood to swell or warp.

Melamine kitchen door panel

5. Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass. It is a new fashion style in 2018 which is 3D design.

Kitchen Cabinets Carcass

a. Melemine faced chipboard

Moisture proof, resistance against stains, abrasion

b. Water-proof plywood

11 layers, marine plywood, bonding agent is waterproof nano polymers

Kitchen Cabinets Countertop

Our countertops are made of one of nature’s hardest minerals, these countertops are pressured into dense, non porous slabs, providing the elegant look of stone while offering great durability and low-maintenance. Environmental friendly material, non-toxic, can touch food directly, high temperature resistant.

Kitchen Cabinets Hardware

Blum hinge and damper

Balom's integrates Blum door hinge and drawer runner hardware on its kitchen cabinets. Blum is the global leader in hinge technology which provides the highest quality of motion in cabinet systems.

Blum slide & uplifting system

Our kitchen collections incorporate the whole range of cabinet systems, including BLU- MOTION concealed soft close hinge that prevents doors and drawers from slamming closed, SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON auto-open technology that open doors and drawers automatically with just a light touch of the drawer front or a light pull of the handle, TANDEM concealed drawer runners and AVENTOS cabinet door lift systems.

Handles and knobs

Decorative hardware showcases your individual style. We offer a variety of different finishes for you to choose from, including brushed and satin-finished stainless steel, antique brass, pewter, porcelain, nickel, chrome, glass and natural wood finishes.

Kitchen Cabinets Accessories

We offer a wide range of kitchen accessories for your selections, such as Pull-out basket,Lazy susan, Spice basket,Utensil tray,Dish tray, Cutlery tray, Dining car, Rubbish bin, Rice box, etc. They can be chosen according to different cabinets' type & size.


1. Independent flat pack(Knock down)

Cabinets: each panel will have a piece of EPE foam for each side, outside corrugated carton pack

Door panel of each cabinet/pack

Back panels of each cabinet/pack

Shelf panel & side panel of each cabinet/pack

Countertop: in wooden case pack

Glass door/Mirror: in wooden case pack

2. For project, assembled package(RTA) is also available

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