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New Zealand Customer's Balom Travel 2019-09-04

New Zealand Customer's Balom Travel

New Zealand, as it known to us all, has a picturesque landscape with green hills and mountains, attracting millions of tourists around the world. Shirley, possessing more than 2000 acres of farm and running tourism business, provides accommodation for tourists in New Zealand.

To embracing freedom and according with development of tourism, living in a shipping container become a prevailing fashion in New Zealand. Balom, equipped with more than 15-years experience in cabinetry, commits to create a comfortable living environment for worldwide travelers who pursues natural beauty.

Centered on whole-house design concepts and production processes, Balom had a deep talk with our preferred customer and reached a consensus on long term cooperation after visiting in our factory.

With its highly automated woodworking machines (HOMAG & BIESSE) and accumulated competency in mass customization, Balom has established a complete set of quality standards that align with its European counterparts, and a complex quality management system that keeps the standards on track. We oversee every process that affects quality, from its choosing raw material to end product.

Our vision is to make Balom a modern, innovative home designer, respected and loved by people, held in the highest esteem in China, and emulated around the world. We deliver what we promise, and will make no compromise to offer premium products and services to our customers.

why choose us
  • Mechanical

    Germany HOMAG and ltaly BIESSE machines.

  • E1/E0

    E1/E0 grade, Carb-2 approved materials.

  • Full-time QC
    Full-time QC

    Full-time QC inspecting every production

  • 24*7

    Professional sales team 24-7 at your service

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