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How to place an order? When can I receive my cupboard?

For the project:

a. Send details/layouts to BALOM

b. BALOM communicates and confirms the details and prepares the quotation (3-14 days)

c. Confirm the contract terms, payment method, and sign the contract.

d. to pay the deposit

e. Check the details of the drawings again before production, and sign the drawings.

f. Production (30-55 days, depending on the material)

g. Pay the balance payment.

h.transportation and installation

For retail:

a. Send detailed floor plans and favorite styles to BALOM

b. BALOM price estimation reference

c. Pay the design fee (200USD/space)

d. 3D drawing and confirmation

e. Complete the final formal quotation and sign the contract

f. Pay advance payment of 50% and start production

g. Pay the balance

h. transportation and installation

Q1: How do I do business with BALOM?

The following are the cooperation modes we can provide:

-Become a BALOM retail or project distributor. (BALOM will have special support policies and requirements)

-Purchase from BALOM as a strategic partner. (BALOM will have different sales prices to support performance)

-Purchase from opal as an ordinary customer. (BALOM will have a range of prices according to different project quantities)

-Introduce projects and retail orders and receive commissions.

Q2: Can I buy your products for my house?

Of course. There is no minimum order quantity, because we focus not only on large projects, but also on home users.

Q3: Can I buy your products in bulk?

Yes. We have a wealth of large-scale projects such as apartments and hotels. For more cases, please see our project page. Please feel free to send your project details to our professional team. We provide a one-stop solution for your project. BALOM is looking forward to working with you to create a perfect project.

Q4:How to become a franchisee?

Thank you for your interest in BALOM's franchise opportunities. Please refer to our franchise page for more information. Looking forward to cooperating with you!

Q5.How about the delivery service?

If you have international import and export experience, you can solve the problem of shipment and delivery by yourself. If not, we are happy to help you. Click to learn about the detailed delivery process.

Q6:What about the production time?

Different products and materials require different production times. We have set specific production times for different products and materials. For details, please refer to our production time page.

Q7: how long does the transportation take?

For Asian markets, 7-14 days. 40-60 days in the US market.

Q8: Do you offer custom designs?

Yes, you can send us the drawing, material color and size, and we will ask the designer to put forward the scheme. If you need me, I can send you the pictures of our sample cabinet.

Q9: How do I track my orders?

Please feel free to email our sales team tracking your project. The sales team will update your details. You can also email admin@balomhouse.com 。 We will contact you within 24 hours.

Q10:BALOM packaging details

BALOM usually uses two types of cabinet packaging. One is RTA (ready for assembly) and the other is fully assembled. As for the glass and countertops, we use cartons to pack them and reinforce them with wooden frames to avoid damage during transportation. Please refer to our package page for details.

Q11: This is my first time to import from China. What should I do?

Please don't worry. We will recommend a professional freight forwarder to help you arrange the shipment. Please find details from this page: delivery.

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