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Balom Whole House Customized Terminal Operator Development Conference Successfully Ends 2020-07-13
Time flies, half of the time has passed in 2020, and terminal stores have fully recovered after the outbreak. From May to the present, the Le Balom brand Hefei direct sales sector has also ushered in a form of sharp increase in performance. With the release of a large amount of demand, it also requires terminal operators to adjust their thinking in time to respond to market changes.

In early July, the Balom terminal operator expansion meeting ended successfully. The terminal operators reviewed and summarized the semi-annual performance. The general manager of the Le Belle house custom brand Luo Xiaofeng and the deputy general manager Xu Li also participated in the meeting and the terminal storefront. Operators exchange face-to-face training on brand awareness and product structure knowledge.

The opening was introduced by Wu Haomiao, Minister of Brands, General Manager Luo Xiaofeng and Deputy General Manager Xu Li. The main content of this meeting entered the meeting. The team cooperated to fully warm up the game.

Substantial rewards are given to colleagues with outstanding performance and outstanding performance. As part of the balom brand, thank you colleagues for their hard work and hard work.

Looking back at the terminal operation situation in the first half of the year and looking forward to the target of the second half of 2020, Balom Whole House Customization always adheres to the industry based on professional customization services, solves the living space needs for people, and uses product design to bring lifestyle changes to more families. With steady development and forward-looking decisions, it will bring greater brand value to more dealers.
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