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BALOM Cabinet And Wardrobe Of New Products 2021-02-22

"Comfortable, high-end, practical..." With the rise of the whole house customization market, more and more keywords are injected into the customer needs of the whole house custom furniture market. "Home" plays an irreplaceable role in life, and the comfortable home experience has attracted many people's attention. For the urban new middle-class families, a quality and attitude lifestyle makes them have higher standards and requirements for the home environment.

For the whole house custom brand, in the booming stage of the environment, it is necessary to accurately grasp the needs of the crowd and position the brand to stand out. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. As a BALOM full house customization with 16 years of customization experience, the brand has always insisted on meeting consumer needs with differentiated positioning and design.

BALOM whole house customized 2021 9 major new products are jointly released. Taking the NEW high-definition as the starting point, it creates a series of affordable high-priced products for the new middle class, 15 low saturation color panels, 8 simple moldings, and 4 solid wood frames. Door panels, 3 types of leather door panels, combined with a new wall panel product to create a customized plan of integrated cabinet wall space aesthetics.

[Finch feather neon clothes]-modern light luxury

The door-to-top design is simple and clear. The 2700 ultra-long handle has a linear golden line running through it to the top. The unique process handle length can be cut according to the height of the door panel to achieve personalized customization.
NEW high-definition minimalist and extraordinary

High-end, affordable, practical, and overall, selected plates and hardware, combined with style design to create high-end product experience for consumers; redefine the high-end market at affordable prices, balance consumption, and refuse to be advanced; create home experience with practical and humanized product design ; Integrated aesthetic customization of wall cabinets, customizing overall home solutions for more families.

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